Passing the Part 107 Exam

FAA Part 107 is a certification for remote pilots operating small, unmanned aircraft. When Aerochase started to grow, I set a goal to pass this exam. Passing this exam means that I can operate a small drone for commercial purposes. This includes selling prints and taking photos and videos for clients.

The FAA requires drone pilots to learn how to understand sectional charts, weather patterns and their effects on aircraft, the regulations associated with flying a drone, and how to communicate with the correct governing bodies in order to safely operate a drone.

I searched all over the internet to find the best study options for this test. I went with Drone Launch Academy's Part 107 prep course. The course is great. It walks you through all the topics covered in the exam using quick video tutorials and other supplemental material. I started the course about two weeks before the exam to allow myself enough time to study. I watched all of the videos, read the the supplemental notes, and completed all of the practice questions. At the end of the course, there's also a practice test that mimics the actual exam. In the course, you get a certificate for passing with higher than 80%. The actual exam requires a score of 70% to pass, so there's a built in cushion to make sure that you are confident before taking the real deal. I took 3 practice tests before my exam, scoring above 90% in each one.

On my test day I was concerned that the COVID-19 pandemic would make the exam logistics more difficult, so I made sure to show up early and bring everything I might need for the exam. The testing center was clean and quiet. I sat down to take my test. I answered all the questions, and then I went back and checked them all again. Once I felt confident, I submitted my exam. I was then asked to answer a survey before I got my score--a frustrating step between me and my results. After several nervous minutes, the testing administrator gave me my score--I passed! I achieved my goal.

To complete my certification, I registered my score with the FAA and they ran a background check. I am now officially certified to fly my drone for commercial purposes! I feel like I'm a more informed and a better drone pilot as a of result studying for and passing this exam. I highly recommend that you take this test if you're interested in flying drones.

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