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About Chase

I've always loved to fly. My dad is a pilot, so planes and the sky were a large part of my childhood. My first job was as an aeronautical engineer, allowing me to be a part of cutting edge design and technology in the aerospace field. Around the time I was working at my first job, I got my first drone. 

Flying drones has always felt like a ticket to the skies for me. My first few drones were cheap, allowing me to teach myself the control and practice without the risk of crashing a serious financial investment. I finally graduated to a DJI Mavic Air, and put my skills into practice to learn about the world of aerial photography.

I slowly taught myself the basics of photography while safely flying my drone around Texas and New York. I learned more about editing and videography, all the while growing my following on Instagram.  My photos and videos reflect the world around me. My goal is to capture everyday scenes in unique and unexpected ways.  

I'm currently shooting with a DJI Mavic Air 2.  All prints for sale are my own photos.  Aerochase also offers for-hire drone photography services (FAA Part 107 certified).

If you want to work with me, please reach out to